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dezignrogue design + brand gone rogue

the science of design: the rorschach inkblot test poster series

roper mountain website

roper mountain advertising | promotion

roper mountain event invitation

roper mountain summer camp guide editorial design

roper mountain program promotion

roper mountain large format exterior science information signage

roper mountain exterior wayfinding signage

procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried poster

voice systems engineering (vse, inc) website

take creative risks poster

modsf poster

get READY girls! identity

get READY girls! website

get READY girls! catalog

get READY girls! sell sheet

get READY girls! packaging

collaborate: less me and more we poster series

the little lady website

voice systems engineering gay live advertising

mannequin poster series

think outside the box or be forever confined by it poster

game day girls identity

don’t complain: take action or shut up poster series

cpo, charles t. crawford announcement + identity

pop-up postcard series

idea tool kit dimensional promotion

miami 54th street

pick your potion advertising

ultra l spa advertising campaign

creative director

Built upon a 20+ year foundation of academia and industry visual communication experience, I specialize in building and guiding creative teams while formulating brand design strategies that emotionally connect with the intended audience. I truly want to get your consumers to look, listen & leap!

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My roles as Creative Director and Creative Strategist have armed me with industry experience I’ve adapted for use in the classroom. Teaching at the college level is awe-inspiring. I get the opportunity to guide, mentor, inspire and influence our next generation of innovative visual communicators first hand.

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The last 20+ years have presented me countless opportunities to refine the art of visual communication. Every day presents a new challenge and a unique way of effectively communicating through type and image. Here’s everything you ever needed to know about me: the who, what, where, when and why that is dezignrogue!

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It’s always a good to thing to be recognized by your design peers. Get some of the latest and greatest news on awards and accomplishments.

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